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People always ask me what they should wear for a SUP Yoga class. I think you should always wear what you feel comfortable doing yoga in that you don’t mind getting wet. If that’s a bikini, go for it. For me, personally, I like to wear yoga bottoms so that I am not worried about giving anyone on the beach a show. I don’t want to be worried about adjusting my clothes or falling out in certain places.  I love to wear yoga shorts or pants depending on how much sun I feel like getting that day. For sunset, I always wear pants.

Ok, so it’s no secret that I am a Teeki lover. Maybe I have a bit of a problem, but hey I know what works for me. I discovered Teeki during my SUP Yoga training in San Diego, CA. I immediately noticed that everyone around me had on cute fun prints and they weren’t messing with their clothes during class. Clearly, that is a MUST, especially on the water. The last thing you need to be doing is adjusting your outfit while trying to do yoga on a paddle board. It can also be super annoying when your clothes get wet and salt water drips in your eyes when you’re upside down.

Teekis are light weight, thin, have a high waist band, dry super quick, and they are made from recycled water bottles. You can wear their products for swimwear too! The best part is that when worn in a hot room or on the water, they stick to your body. I love that about Teekis! Even when they get wet, they aren’t slippery making it easy to play around with arm balancing poses where you need to connect legs or knees to arms. However, I am not a fan of my Teekis when I’m working out or trying to do a quick run. They tend to slide down and I’m constantly pulling them up or adjusting them. I usually wear a size small or medium, but my friends that wear extra small have never had this problem. Must be the extra love I have on my hips.

I have tried other brands on the water, such as Noli, which is also environmentally friendly. The Nolis have spandex in them and they are SLIPPERY! I do love them for land, but they are thick so maybe not in a heated room. Lululemon also has an awesome SUP line, but their pants aren’t the best for yoga because it has a huge zipper on the back similar to a wet suit which is extremely uncomfortable when in savasana. Never mess with SAVASANA people! Maybe save those for your standard SUP days. Another brand I have recently been exposed to is Altar Ego. I’m currently awaiting my new bottoms and I will be sure to post a product review. Hope this helps in your SUP Yoga apparel search.

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Photo Cred: Island Photo LLC Wearing Teeki: Phoenix Rising

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