Flashback Friday: How Yoga Kai Was Born

Aloha! My name is Leah Vernon and I am the founder of Yoga Kai. I started Yoga Kai just four short months after moving to O’ahu in February of 2014. When I came to O’ahu, SUP Yoga was still building a name for itself and there were limited options for affordable/professional classes on the island. I decided to go back to Southern California to complete my SUP Yoga Certification through Bliss in San Diego, CA followed by a Lifeguard/CPR/ First Aid certification on Marine Corps Base Hawaii so that I could do just that. I wanted to build a clean, organized, and easy way to get SUP Yoga to those interested.

While completing all of my additional training, Yoga Kai was slowly coming to life. I was designing, plotting, planning, and testing the waters. All I wanted was to get out there and connect my love of Yoga with my love of SUP. Even though I had an extensive background in coaching and fitness, and had already received my 200RYT training 6 months prior, I was still new to the title “Yoga Instructor” and new to the island. I had to work hard everyday at learning how to make SUP Yoga work in the soft sand, with the reef, paddle with the trade winds, high tide, low tide, and with the many rules out on the water. This is my passion and I do this out of pure love for SUP Yoga and I was/am  happy to engulf myself in every aspect of SUP Yoga.

Aside from my role at Yoga Kai, I am a proud military spouse and mother of two.  Yoga Kai would not be where it is today without the love and support of my husband Clay Vernon. It is his love and daily motivation that has led to the success of Yoga Kai. l hope you enjoy what we here at Yoga Kai have worked so tirelessly to build and continue to perfect. Love and light my friends! KEEP RISING!View More: http://islandphotollc.pass.us/yoga-kai


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